I like to think of my work as being more culturally diverse than I am. I am fascinated by cultures that are most distant from my own. In my artwork, I am creating an alternate reality that mimics the process of how I think and feel when exploring. The objects are created from both real and imagined experiences. Reality becomes blurred when one can’t distinguish from what’s real and what’s created, what’s truth and what’s fiction.

This body of work is rooted in four close family traditions:
Money Wash depicts the ritual of washing my hands in money every New Years Day. Rhododendron evokes the memory of having my photograph taken by my grandfather in front of the springtime bloom each year. Peony is reminiscent of the passing on of a peony bush from generation to generation. Pierogi was inspired by the annual practice of making and eating pierogi with my father’s family on Christmas Eve.

These traditions were a way to find imagery and motifs that are meaningful to me, and allowed the plants, flowers, bushes, money, and food to be transformed into ornamentation and decoration. From there, the work travels. My objects present the ability to reference multiple places at once and even combine disparate cultures that may never expect to be mixed. Each piece is a collection of cultural inspirations, imagery, and forms.

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