Creases and Covers

AUGUST 4 - 20, 2016

Inspired by travels through Europe, Asia, and the Middle East; Stephanie Kantor crafts environments rich in historical patterns combined from a multitude of cultures. Her ceramics, embroidered tapestries, and tile mosaics open a conversation about globalization and hybridity.

After a trip to the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Kantor was captivated by the visual density that existed within every corner. The tiles, textiles, and textures that covered every surface transformed from overwhelmingly busy into a quiet, comfortable, contemplative space. Kantor is interested in how this interior landscape becomes a symbol of opulence, abundance, and lavishness. At Art Gym, Kantor has created her own landscape, her own palace, but it is a set, similar to a theater backdrop, to something foreign yet familiar. It is an artificial landscape that only exists on the surfaces that she can paint, glaze, and decorate.

Mackenzie Browning’s work is informed by his upbringing in divergent environments. He spent his childhood on a one-hundred-acre Canadian sheep farm before moving to several suburban settings. Mackenzie’s admiration for nature and the forcefully fabricated suburban construct separating him from it are common motifs in his print based art practice.

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